EENA Workshop

2nd EENA Members Workshop – Brussels

2nd EENA Workshop –

AEDMAP takes part in the 2nd EENA Members Workshop in Brussels (October 16th / 18th).

AEDMAP will more specifically contribute to the AED Mapping workshop on Tuesday 17th and speak about its mapping know-how and Staying Alive app


  • eCall and TPS eCall remaining issues
  • Start-up programme and how ES can use it
  • Deploying AML: lessons learnt
  • NG112 – what can you deploy today?
  • Social Media in Emergency Management
  • The Future of AML
  • Pan-European Mobile Emergency Application (PEMEA) & 112 Apps
  • Drones in Public Safety
  • Public Warning & Crisis Communication Preparedness
  • Cybersecurity and Public Safety
  • Virtual Operations Support Teams (VOST)
  • Automated External Defibrillator (AED) Mapping

French Firefighters Annual Congress

124th French Firefighters Annual Congress, Ajaccio.

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During the 124th congress of the French Firefighters (CNSPF), AEDMAP will present the First Responder its service of volunteers live location in case of cardiac arrest from 11 to 14 October in Ajaccio.

The First Responder is a service operated by Emergency Professionals (Firefighters, EMS) to reduce the time elapsed between the onset of cardiac arrest and the beginning of an effective CPR through the use of trained volunteers.

This service is already deployed in  Paris and Lot et Garonne.

The conference website: CNSPF – Ajaccio