AED Monitoring

IoT Solutions

AED Monitoring

Remote monitoring using IoT solutions

We’ve developed a connected platform, using smart sensors to remotely monitor your defibrillators 24/7. Our Monitoring solutions allows you to be notified at any time in case of a malfunction of one of your devices.

Live Monitoring

In addition to the real-time alerts, AED status, which are constantly checked, are recorded in our database and are provided to you in a monthly report. All information regarding the AED conditions and maintenance are accessible through our cloud-based servers.


Because the choice of the AED that’s right for you is up to you, CONNECT, our monitoring solutions is compatible with all the major AED brands available on the market (Bexen , Cardiac Science, Heartsine, Philips, Physio-Control, Schiller, Zoll,…).


DEFIBLINK, our live monitoring solution works with cabinets and sensors manufacturers in order to provide the best solution fitting your specific needs: cabinets or stand-alone modules, different type of connection (3G, Sigfox, NB-IOT…).

Innovation & Technology

DEFIBLINK monitors defibrillators via IoT networks (SIGFOX, NB-IOT) without any wired connection. The main benefit of this solution is to offer IoT services through communicating objects with low throughput and low energy consumption.

AEDMAP Connect Diagram
DEFIBLINK™ monitors your AEDs 24/7 and alerts you in real time in case of malfunction or device use.
Defibrillator status is registered daily in AEDMAP database in order to comply with regulations and guidelines.

AEDMAP has developed DEFIBSTATION ™ which provides smart kiosks monitoring solution.
Integrated flat screen display advertising and first aid instructions when kiosk door is opened.
DEFIBSTATION™ smart kiosks represent the best solution to install AEDs everywhere and monitor them 24/7 while controlling operating costs.

AEDMAP shares monitored AEDs location in Staying Alive.

Any device malfunction causes its immediate withdrawal from our smart apps (Staying Alive, Save A Life, Responders & Reanim) to protect the owner liability.