CPR trained Volunteers geolocation service  

  • Cardiac Arrest affects 400.000 people every year in Europe.
  • The average rate of out-of-hospital survival is only 7,5%.
  • 4 minutes: it is the time to act towards a victim. Beyond that, the chances of survival decrease by 10% per minute.

What is the Citizen Responder ?

The Citizen Responder allows trained volunteers or not to be alerted by emergency services in case of nearby cardiac arrest in order to help the victim, until help arrives.

How to register ?

The Citizen Responder is available on Staying Alive App or on the website citizen-responder.org.

To register, you need to fill out a form (name, email, phone number).

For the trained Citizen Responders, it is necessary to provide a proof of first aid qualification.

For the Citizen Responders which are not trained, they will be triggered to bring a defibrillator to the victim’s location.

You will receive a first email confirming your registration and a second once your profile has been validated.
The service requires the activation of geolocation, but does not lead to overconsumption the battery. Once registered, it is not necessary to keep the application open to be alerted.



The Citizen Responder service is deployed in France and abroad.
In France, the Citizen Responder has been used daily in the Paris area since early 2017, as well as in several departments.
A few figures:

  • More than 26 departments have deployed the Citizen Responder
  • More than 40,000 Citizen Responders
  • More than 1,380 triggers
  • Hundreds of lives saved

Several victims of cardiac arrest have already been saved thanks to the intervention of Citizen Responders.

AEDMAP & the Citizen Responder Development Fund

The Citizen Responder Development Fund, (CRDF), has as its main goal the mobilization of citizens in emergency situations, prevention and information in the field of medical action and education, through the following main axes.The endowment fund is involved in the countries in which AEDMAP’s offers are commercialised as well as in several developing countries. The endowment fund operates directly or through locally based non-governmental organizations. The governance of the endowment fund is overseen by a scientific committee. More information : https://www.bon-samaritain.org/en/#section-crdf