AED Mapping

AEDMAP offers public & professional mapping solutions

AED Mapping

Public & professional solutions

Because in case of Sudden Cardiac Arrest every minute counts and because early shock has proven its efficiency, we’ve developed smart tools to build, manage and share AED locations with the public and the pros.

Specialised Database

AED mapping solutions developed by AEDMAP are based on a specialized and dedicated database hosted in the cloud. This architecture allows data to be distributed in real time to professional applications used by emergency services as well as to general public mobile apps such as Staying Alive.

Data Analysis

The mapping framework we have developed since 2012, enables us to offer professional users visualisation tools such as, heat maps which correlated with the population density can serve as a decision support tool. Among others, features include dashboard view with real-time alerts and live maps.


Thanks to our APIs, mapping data can easily be integrated into emergency call center (PSAP) dispatch software. For example, our solutions are integrated into NexSis, the national software for French emergency call centers. Want to integrate our APIs? Contact us…

Free Public Access

The defibrillator locations are freely accessible to the general public via Staying Alive app. The application is available in nearly 20 languages and covers many countries like France, Belgium, Canada, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Poland, Australia, New Zealand…
Your country is missing? Contact us!

Find easily the closest defibrillator (AED) locations around you, anywhere in the world in Staying Alive.

Professionals mapping solutions include decision support tools like customisable AED heat map.

Join us in creating a global AED locations database freely available within Staying Alive.

Staying Alive is an application developed by AEDMAP in partnership with AJILA foundation, which lists more than 200,000 defibrillators worldwide. It is available for free on iOS and Android. The application has been downloaded by more than 1.5 million users and is available in 18 languages.