Smart Apps

Android & iOS

Smart Apps

Android & iOS

AEDMAP smart apps family, starring Staying Alive, enables a GLOCAL approach to AED mapping & Emergency Bystander Response


Mobile applications are customized to meet local needs. Personalization touches both the content and functionality of the application as well as its design. The worldwide AED database is shared among all apps.


The mobile applications are developed in a way to natively manage several languages according to the country needs. For example, in Switzerland, Responders is available in French, German, Italian and English. App language is automatically selected depending on the phone one.

Regularly updated

Our mobile apps are regularly updated to integrate new features, new content and to benefit from Android and iOS updates. The defibrillator database is updated every time the app is launched, ensuring you always have up-to-date data.

Award Winning

Staying Alive the main app has received several awards since its first launch in 2011. Among them, it has received the Prize for the general public medical application at the Bichat interviews in 2013 and the Huawei M-Health award in 2015. Success confirmed by more than 1.5 million downloads.

White-labeled Apps
AEDMAP had developed several white-labeled version of its main App, Staying Alive: Save A Life in Canada, in partnership with St John Ambulance, Responders in Switzerland, in partnership with Emergency Training (AHA training center) and Reanim in Belgium, with the Belgian Heart League.

Tailor-made content
Beyond a personalization of its design, Save A Life developed for St John Ambulance Canada, includes additional content on heart attack and stroke, as well as the entire First Aid guide in eBook format.

If you want to know more about having your own customised app, feel free to contact us!

Thanks to its apps available in several countries, AEDMAP has built the 1st AED database with more than 170,000 AED locations listed.