Citizen Responder

Emergency Bystander Response

Citizen Responder

Emergency bystander response

Cardiac Arrest and emergency situations management using a network of volunteer citizens

Easy to deploy

Citizen Responder service is a cloud based solution, meaning that Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP) don’t need extra software installation. Volunteer enrolment is done through Staying Alive, our multilingual mobile app freely available on iOS and Android.


Each PSAP can easily configure the Citizen Responder service to fit its needs and habits. The reasons for triggering, the number and profile of volunteers as well as the search radius are examples of user parameters.

Smooth integration

The Citizen Responder service integrates smoothly into the PSAP dispatch management software thanks to our JSON & XML APIs. Our solution is obviously EDXL compatible.


The Citizen Responder was designed by integrating from the outset the cybersecurity constraints related to the emergency environment: SSL connections, IP address restriction. Data travels encrypted between applications and our servers.

Citizen Responder Diagram
In the event of a trigger, following a report of cardiac arrest, the emergency services send rescue teams to the scene, and trigger an alert on the Staying Alive application, which mobilizes the Citizen Responders located nearby.

Citizen Responder Alert
Volunteers are notified on their smartphone when alerted by the dispatch. The notification includes the reason for the alert as well as the distance and time to get there. On iPhones Critical Alerts can be used to notify volunteers.

In France, the Citizen Responder service is used daily in 60 states, protecting over 40 million citizens.

In Paris, thanks to the Citizen Responders, Sudden Cardiac Arrest survival rate was more than doubled from 16% to 35% in 2018. (Mobile Smartphone technology is associated with OHCA survival – Derkenne & Al. Academic Emergency Medicine 2020).